2010NCIS162 episodes/ 1x01-7x24Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs
2010Justice League:Crisis On Two EarthsVoice of Superman
2008Weather GirlDale
2004Chasing LibertyPresident James Foster
2003Freaky FridayRyan
2003JAG8x21 Meltdown/ 8x20 Ice QueenSpecial Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs
2002The West Wing3x22 Posse Comitatus
3x21 We Killed Yamamoto
3x20 The Black Vera Wang
3x19 Enemies Foreign And Domestic
Agent Simon Donovan
2002Local BoysJim Wesley
2001The Legend Of Tarzan1x21 Tarzan And The OutbreakVoice of Bob Markham
2001And Never Let Her GoThomas Capano
2001Crossfire TrailBruce Barkow
2000The Amati GirlsLawrence
2000For All TimeCharles Lattimer
2000Chicago Hope95 episodes/ 3x02 - 6x22Jack McNeil
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